08 January, 2009


  It had been long time i didn't get oppurtunity to travel by means of train.So i made sure i travel to tirupathi through train.i always loved to stand near the door of the compartment and peep out.As usual, i and my dad were standing near the door and observing the scenery around.Meanwhile a kid came to use the toilet.Barely a minute or so , a lady came  running with mineral water bottle 
and handed it over to kid and said "dear don't use the tap water to wash,please use the mineral water ". After half an hour or so another lady wearing  soiled ,torn clothes  came with a child in her arms and a empty bottle in her hand.She filled the bottle with water coming from tap near hand basin and gave child to drink. I was mute watching the  contrast of the life.


brocasarea said...

one mans daily wage is another mans daily expense!!


vish.sesh said...

Sad, but thats life.. There are so many imbalances and imperfections if we view life in the normal way... But from a different perspective, everything in nature is in perfect harmony..... Thanks

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Hi Sona,

Long time, no blog... we are missing your blogs... Keep writing..



brocasarea said...

wht sup?